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A Hot Summer's Ten Most Wanted Tips   

1. Run your pump like crazy - nine to 12 hours a day. Don't be pennywise and pound-foolish. Your pool water can't be cleaned unless all the water runs through the filter.
2. Clean your filter regularly. It's a filter and its job is to trap the dirty stuff. If it's a sand filter, simply backwash whenever the filter gauge pressure increases five psi. For DE filters, remove the grids once or twice a season and clean them. If using a cartridge filter, clean it with a good garden hose getting between all of the pleats.
3. Try mineral pure water. One of the biggest breakthroughs in pool purification has come in the last five years. It's called FROG mineral technology and it uses natural minerals along with low levels of chlorine to purify the pool. With less chlorine, there are no more red eyes, bleached swimming suits, and little to no odor in the air. (On the Internet, FROG can be found at
4. Stop the manual labor. Get an automatic pool floor cleaner. It's like a robot that doesn't require any pay! One name to remember is Kreepy Krauly. They are one of the experts in suction side pool cleaners and they even have a mineral purifying attachment to the cleaner called Pollywog for easy installation on existing pools.
5. Shock. That means add a concentration of chlorine or a non-chlorine shock treatment to go after the newly added heavy dose of bacteria and contaminants from body oils introduced by people and airborne particles.
6. Use an algaestat. That's an algae preventative. Clarifiers help too. A clarifier clumps the molecules together so that the dirty molecules get sucked into the filter and trapped there.
7. Don't let algae get out of hand. At the first signs of algae, go after it. When you use an algaecide, it will automatically drop your chlorine level so always add a chlorine shock after using an algaecide.
8. Get equipment that automatically adds chlorine to your pool. A regulated chlorinator is one of the most popular. Again, you can use a FROG mineral product and reduce your chlorine use. Or if you have big bucks, get an electric chlorine generator.
9. Stay ahead of problems. As with the stock market, pool care timing is everything. Get on a weekly schedule of maintenance that includes testing the water and re-balancing if needed, maintaining a regular chlorine level and shocking.
10. Always add your necessary maintenance doses during the day. That's when the most demands are on the pool (sun, rain, people, etc.). Also make sure to circulate the water whenever you are adding chemicals to the pool.

Whether you're thinking about a new pool or looking to improve your current pool, the last tip is to see your local pool professional. They have the answers. Once you've got your routine, the pool will provide more happy memories than you can imagine.
Article Courtesy of ARA Content